Art Design Construction

Pavillion - Barkow Leibinger . 2020


Place: Haus am Waldsee, Berlin & Serpentine Gallery, London
Year: 2020
Artist: Barkow Leibinger
Client: Barkow Leibinger
Reconstruction of the summer pavilion of the Serpentine Gallery (London) in steel and coated highly polished aluminum in the ...
konzept-werk - Space Pavillion - Barkow Leibinger - Bundesgartenschau

Space Pavillion

Place: Fellbach
Year: 2019
Artist: Barkow Leibinger Architects
Client: Kommune Fellbach
On behalf of the architects Barkow Leibinger a complicated room structure was realized as a 3-D framework. 6 x 6 ...
Cherry Table . Gisbert Pöppler . 2019

Cherry Table

Place: Tel Aviv
Year: 2019
Client: Gisbert Pöppler Architects
Production of a high gloss lacquered aluminum table with a slightly rotating center according to a design by Gisbert Pöppler Architects. (Size: 230 ...
konzept-werk - Skagen Bird Observatory - ART+COM

Globe - Skagen Bird Observatory

Place: Skagen Bird Observatory, Denmark
Year: 2017
Deign: ART+COM, Berlin
Client: ART+COM, Berlin
Production of a globe made of stainless steel, representing flight paths of migratory birds, for the ...
konzept-werk - Kaleidoscope Tower - Phänomenta Lüdenscheid

Phänomenta . Kaleidoscope Tower

Place: Lüdenscheid, Germany
Year: 2015
Artist: KKW Architekten / beier+wellach projekte, berlin
Client: Stiftung Phänomenta Lüdenscheid
Largest kaleidoscope worldwide: Technical development, production and installation of the internal covering of the ...
konzept-werk - Veronika Wildgruber EQUERRE


Place: Berlin
Year: 2013
Client: Veronika Wildgruber
Realisation of a design-chair and a design-table for the designer Veronika Wildgruber.
konzept-werk - Letter Sculpture Lehnbachhaus - Thomas Demand

Letter Sculpture - Lenbachhaus

Place: Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, Munich
Year: 2012
Artist: Thomas Demand
Client: Thomas Demand
Production of an artwork by Thomas Demand for the New Lenbachhhaus in Munich (Kunst ...
konzept-werk - Tax Department - Witthöft/LaTourelle

Tax Department

Place: Tax Department, Königswusterhausen
Year: 2008
Artist: Louise Witthöft, Rodney LaTourelle
Client: Louise Witthöft, Rodney LaTourelle
Production and installation of a Public Art Commission by Land Brandenburg for Louise Witthöft and Rodney ...
konzept-werk - Olafur Eliasson - Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine Gallery

Place: Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London
Year: 2007
Artist: Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen
Client: Olafur Eliasson / Serpentine Gallery
Design and construction of the 120 “sails” of the Serpentine Gallery summer pavilion ...