Jeppe Hein . Light Line . 2008


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Jeppe Hein . Light Line

Place: Sydbank Aabenraa, Denmark

Date: 2008

Artist: Jeppe Hein

Client: Jeppe Hein / Sydbank Aabenraa



Planning, construction and installation of a mobile for Jeppe Hein, fitted in the foyer of the Sydbank Aabenraa in Denmark. Three inversely rotating light rings with power LEDs are moved independently of each other, powered by PLC-controlled multi-axis drives via VA hollow axles.

The hollow axles transmit the high light output (up to 900 V/DC) to the light rings. The aluminium rings are fitted with a special chrome plating which reflects the light repeatedly. The contact rings which supply power to the light are fitted between the sprockets of the reduction gear developed for the unit. The shadow impact is produced both by the light ring itself as well as by 2 Source Four projectors.

The PLC control and the light source for the entire unit is externally operable through a server rack, situated in the roof of the bank. An e-crane was developed to allow fitting within the flat roof.

watch video of the installation




3 pieces: 2000 mm ring dimensions (incl. drive approx. 5000 mm)



chromed aluminum, LED 



static calculations

drive technology / control technology 

welding (aluminium, stainless steel)

electronic regulation of the motors

electronics / cabling

installation of the bearing rings and special fittings of the driving pinions and reduction gear

water cut 

CAD drawings

CNC technology / milling and turning

transport and logistics

fitting with special crane unit, commissioning